Angela’s Sunday paper review

There are several deals in the stores for the coming week before the next snow storm hits.

Remember to make your list and then check the coupon inserts and online sites for matchups.

Target has a $10 off $40 of pet food or litter coupon in their ad.  Don’t forget to stockpile from food and litter for your beloved pets.

Rite Aid has several items on BOGO.  If you found a Colgate coupon you can also get free toothpaste with it and UP reward. They also have the $25 coupon for prescription transfer in the ad.  A great deal if you qualify and have a script you take.  I do this all the time and get my free money.  They also have their brand of bottled water for $1.99 for a 24 pack after UP reward.  Great stockpile item.

Kroger continues with the Mega Event this week and several 10 for $10 items like milk, sour cream and bread.  Tuna is 50 cents a can which is a great stockpile price. General Mills cereal is $1.79 a box when you buy 6 items and then use coupon in Sunday insert for $1 off three.

Meijers is havng a buy 10 for $10 and get one free deal.  Lots of good deals.  Remember to check the produce deals.  Onions are $1 for 3 lb. bag , mushrooms, carrots, avocados, cucumbers are all $1 also.  Onions and carrots can be frozen or dehydrated for later use.  Good for the stockpile. Don’t forget to check the Mperks site before shopping to download any coupons they might have.

Kmart has the $25 coupon in their ad for a prescription transfer also.  They can be a little picky with how often you can do this but take advantage if you can as the gift card does not expire.

We are having a guest speaker at the Savings Lifestyle 101 class March 2 at the Extension Office. She will be doing a budgeting class and has lots of good info.  Tell your friends and bring a guest.  Keep your fingers crossed that school is in session that day so we can have our meeting.  We will try to reschedule this class if it is canceled.

Angela’s Friday suggestions

Looks like we are headed for another winter storm with ICE.  That dreaded word around here.  I can deal with the cold and snow, but, please, no ice.

Time to make a run to Kroger before this arrives.  Don’t forget to do the free Friday download.  This week it is a Russel Stover Easter Egg candy.

Not much but it is free.  Take advantage of the buy 6 Mega Event for some deals.  Also, there are several 10/$10 deals.  Stock up on 1/2 gallon milk at that price for the freezer, Kroger bread for the freezer, and Hunt’s tomato products for the pantry.  Naval oranges and apples are 88 cents a lb.  These will last a long time in the refrig.

Always go to for your digital coupons and check the coupon sites for any that you can use before heading out to the store.

Angela’s reasons for stockpiling

Hope everyone is able to get groceries from their stockpile pantry during this winter deluge.   I love the snow but ready for it to leave now.  However, days like these are reasons why I keep a stockpile at my house.  After surviving the big ice storm a few years ago with no electricity and trees down all over my yard and one on my roof, I learned the blessing of keeping a stockpile.  Of course, I buy when things are on sale and I have a coupon.  It is important to be able to take care of your family and your needs from the warmth and safety of your home in times like this.  I was out on the roads on Monday and Tuesday driving my Subaru.  I did not have any problems in the snow but passed many people that did.  Some cars are just not able to handle this deep of accumulation.  Even the bus service limited their routes.  On my trip to Kroger on Tuesday I found empty shelves in several areas.  There was no bread, very limited milk and OJ and the produce was sparse.  Truck deliveries were having a difficult time due to the road conditions.  I was blessed to know that I did not have to panic when I found empty shelves.  I have a stockpile at home.  I had checked with my elderly neighbors to see if they needed anything while I was out, also.  They did not want anything then but called later and asked if I had two items at the house.  I did, in my stockpile, and was able to share.  I have milk in the freezer as well as eggs that I had frozen so don’t have to worry about that.  I have plenty of canned goods, frozen foods, toiletries, toilet paper and pet food.  Please don’t forget about your pets.  I always keep an extra bag or two of food in rotation for my zoo since they are our responsibility too.  The wonderful thing is that I know I have these things that I can feed myself, neighbors and anyone in need if that time comes.  I bought it all on sale at dirty cheap prices with my coupons.  Don’t forget that your pantry stockpile should always include food for your family and pets, toiletries and hygiene items, water, emergency lighting like candles, batteries and matches,  shovels and salt for the ice, and OTC medicine.  It is also handy to keep a small charcoal grill with charcoal in the garage in case you need to cook out in the yard.  Never use these in the house or for heat.

Start working on your stockpile this coming week.  Kroger is still having their Mega event sale with several great bargains that can go in the pantry to start building on .  Always check Kroger digital coupons, the newspaper inserts and online coupon sites before heading to the grocery for matchups.

Angela’s free stuff for today

Make sure you go to the Kroger site and quick on the deal to get 200 fuel points with a $25 purchase coupon downloaded to your Plus card.  You have to log in and then it will ask for a code which is “FUEL” in all caps.  That will get you an extra 20 cents off a gallon.

Also, remember to go to Savingstar and get the coupon download for a free 16oz. Arm and Hammer Baking Soda added to your account.  This is good thru Sunday, Feb. 8 and will get you the price of a box of soda added to your account if bought at one of the participating dealers.  Don’t forget that you have to scan the Kroger receipts now to get these deals but they automatically load to your rewards cards from CVS, RiteAid, Walgreens, etc.

Angela’s suggestion for free entertainment

Check out the website for free movies on Thursday evenings at 7pm and Saturday mornings at 10am at the Kentucky Theater thru March 7.  I just saw a really great funny movie tonight for free.  All the films are suitable for families.  I have been attending for several years and have seen some wonderful films from other countries, many of them award winners.  Fantastic and frugal way to spend a winter evening.  The Kentucky has affordable popcorn and drinks, also.  There is often a reception after the film with food, like tonight.  Another plus for free.   I think you will be amazed at what you can see for free in Lexington.